Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Middle School: My Brother Is a Big Fat Liar by James Patterson

Middle School: My Brother Is a Big Fat Liar by James Patterson, is a story about a girl named Georgia’s, 6th grade school year. Her brother Rafe had bullies that used to bother him, but now bully Georgia. So a girl named Rhonda mentors her so she can stand up to the bullies and have a good middle school childhood. Read to find out how her year was. Have fun reading this book!

I thought this was a great book. I have a few connections. I have an older brother. He warned me about middle school and he said it is going to be a bad year. Although I am now having a good year, I still wonder. Also, when I was in second or third grade instead, of being bullied I had a stuttering problem and I got called names because I stuttered. I got a reading mentor and fluency mentor, so I can speak more fluently. Now I can speak with more fluency, but I sometimes mess up with my words, but I don’t really care. Those are my personal connections with this book. Now, go read the book!

Reviewed By; FaZe G4MeR$


  1. FaZe G4MeR$

    I really liked your your book review.I have and older brother too but im not in middle school.How much did you enjoy the book. I've read the middle school books but not this one I look forward to reading this book.


    1. I really enjoyed the book it is just like my lifenow

  2. I realy liked this . Ihave an older brother so i know.Why did you pick this book.


  3. why did you do this book specifically? tell me

  4. Faze G4meR$ how long did it take you to read this book and where did you get the book.

  5. Faze G4meR$
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