Sunday, January 10, 2016

Big Nate Lives It Up by Lincoln Peirce

Big Nate Lives It Up by Lincoln Peirce is funny and it’s about friends in middle school. There’s a kid named Nate and he’s in middle school and he has two best friends. A new kid comes to school and the principal wants him to show the new kid around and wants Nate to be the new kid's friend. Nate also thinks the new kid is weird because he likes plants. Then Nate thinks he remembers him. He keeps on thinking he knows him from before but he’s not sure. At the end he remembers who he is. You can find out the rest in the book.  

I like this book because it’s in school and a situation can happen like this in real life. I relate to this book because I have friends and they’re funny. I also like art like he does. So I would recommend this book to my friends.

Reviewed by Derpy Squid


  1. I like your review. It was a really good review, I have read all of the big Nate books. When did you start reading Lincoln Peirce books

    By, soccer_kid16

  2. I like big Nate to. Especially in this book. why did you pick this book to comment on. by Kid furry

  3. That book is the best. He seems to have funny friends like me. When did you get interested in Big Nate?


  4. I like your review. It was a really good review.I read Big Nate books before but not this one.Way did you pick this book.


  5. I like Your Book Nice Review :)

  6. This was a good book review. I enjoy reading Big Nate, especially this one.

  7. I like the review and like the book

    by extracrispy