Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Battle Heroes: Voices From Afghanistan by Allan Zullo

Battle Heroes: Voices From Afghanistan by Allan Zullo is a great book. It is action packed and has a lot of thrills. It is one of those books that has multiple stories in one book. My favorite story is when a doctor has to run through the battlefield unprotected with no weapons and save a soldier from a severe bullet wound. Then he runs a quarter of a mile back to the helicopter with a soldier on his back. If you enjoy this book, Allen has a whole series of similar books.

I liked this book a lot because it reminds me of when my great grandfather and my papa used to tell me stories about when they were in the war. This book brought me back to the days that they used to tell me stories. If you like action packed books and books that keep you on your heels this is the right book for you.



  1. Ballislife2510, What a nice review? It sounds like you worked hard on writing it. What did you learn about reviewing a book or writing on a blog?

    1. Thank you Mrs.Castro I did work hard on writing this book review.I learned that It takes time and patience to write one but in the end it is a great.ballislife2510