Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Homestuck is a webcomic created by Andrew Hussie

Homestuck is a webcomic created by Andrew Hussie. This is not your ordinary story, not at all. It has reader participation, also known as a game with music, animations with music, amazing characters and plots! This webcomic starts out on the main character, John Egbert’s 13th birthday, April 13th 2009 (Also the day homestuck started), in his room. Him and his friends get a game called Sburb, which teleports them to other worlds, LOWAS, LOLAR, LOHAC, and LOFAF, each belonging to a specific character. John Egbert, Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider and Jade Harley are the four characters first introduced in homestuck, during the first three acts out of Seven. Almost every character is 13 years old.
Homestuck can make you Upset, Laugh your butt off, cry, smile, and want to beat the life out of some characters. But nonetheless it’s amazing. This webcomic literally changed my life. It helped me make new friends and give me cosplay idea’s! The best part though, is that it can relate to SO MANY DIFFERENT KINDS OF PEOPLE! Karkat is un-confident, like many real life 13 year olds. Eridan is a Hipster who thinks no one likes him, like most 13 year olds. Cronus is a bully, like most 13 year olds. You get the gist. But I can relate to almost every single character in this comic. It’s so amazing. I hope this webcomic sparks your interest!


  1. I think this book looks very interesting and good.

    1. It is pretty good. I hope you read it!! :33

  2. i love homestuck blitszwinger2 ps i am in your class

  3. WOW DUDE!!!! DX But have you been reading lately..?

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