Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hundred Percent by Karen Romano Young

Hundred Percent by: Karen Romano Young. Tink and Jackie hate middle school drama. Jackie, the drama queen gets into fights and tries all kinds of ways to get out of them, but just makes it worse. Tink tries to help, but Jackie doesn’t listen. Will Jackie get out of the middle school fights? Read on to find out what they will do to battle the crazy and hectic 6th grade drama. It is problematic.
I love this book. The pictures, the people and the setting are realistic. The book teaches you never to worry about problems that may happen as a 6-7th grader. This book is mature. Some language may not be for a young child. This book has a great star rating from me it is 3.64. Middle school may be difficult but try until you succeed.



  1. I liked the way you told the reader about the book and gave hints about what is going to happen. I can check this one out and see if it is for me.

  2. Thank You For The Review do you have any questions?
    I was the same way before you can wait ti read it.

  3. Hello, Thank You for visiting my book review I am glad I have influenced you to read it I hope you enjoy the book don't forget you can tell me If you liked it!