Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Wizard Of Oz by L.Frank Baum

The Wizard Of Oz by L.Frank Baum is a fiction book for readers interested in action. Dorothy is struck by a life changing tornado. Dorothy and Toto, her Cairn Terrier, are stranded alone on the wonderful Land of Oz. Dorothy meets many different creatures in this magical land. They all have a wish to ask the Wizard to grant. Will Dorothy’s wish be granted? Will she find her way home?

 I really like this book because it is full of adventure. I’ve watched the movie since I was little. This is a classic book full of magic. I love the idea of having a young girl scared and alone in the Land of Oz, but it turns out a once in a lifetime experience. The part when she clicked her shoes together made me feel happy. I think this is a book that many middle grade readers will enjoy.

The Wizard of Oz by L.Frank Baum is a very good book.  A girl named Dorothy is from Kansas.  Then a twister happened and this little girl landed in a place called, The Land of Oz.  All she wanted to do is to go back home so she has to go see a wizard to get that wish.  And on the way, she found some friends.  

This book also was a movie, so when you're done reading the book you should watch the movie. I liked the characters it made me happy and they all wanted something special. What would your wish be if you could have one?  



  1. great job i loved it i just watched that movie.can i ask you a question who is your favorite caterer.

  2. hockey2040- great review, sounds like an interesting book to read!

    1. I liked the lion the best because he thinks he is a coward, but he really isn't. You will learn a lot from his actions.

  3. Hockey240
    Great Book Review Like How You Used Detail. Who I your Favorite Character? #bullies