Friday, November 25, 2016

Webster: Tale of an Outlaw, by Ellen Emerson White

Webster: Tale of an Outlaw, by Ellen Emerson White, is about a dog who was abused.  It seems in all his homes he was mistreated. On his way he saves many people. Later on he makes his toughest rescue. Will he finally find a place he belongs? Will he still be in and out of his shelter? Does he still think he is an outlaw?

I had a dog we rescued from his abusive owners and he turned out really nice. My dog’s name was Whiteboy. He was a pitbull with white fur and black spots. Like Webster, he wasn’t comfortable at first then began to get more comfortable with people. Sadly he just passed away.  Sadly there are a lot of abused animals in the world.

I loved this book because it was very adventurous. I also liked this book because I love animals  and I rescued an abused dog. If you like this book you'll probably like the book, Gaby Lost and Found.  If you love adventures and animals you'll love this book.

 -kiki chocolate


  1. kikichocolate i seriously like this dog book.i never read this book before.Did the dog get lost or did he run away.Did his owner be mean to him. From: Dragon Empror

    1. He ran away. thank you for commenting.
      his owners were mean

  2. I love the way you worded this! I swear you wrote it like an author, the way you put this it really makes me want to go get the book and read it. I also love the emotional connection you made. Will you be doing another book revue soon?