Saturday, December 3, 2016

Midnight Rider by Joan Hiatt Harlow

Midnight Rider by Joan Hiatt Harlow is a story about a girl named Hannah who’s aunt sends her to the General’s mansion to be a servant. While Hannah is there she discovers her horse Promise with another owner. It turns out her aunt sold her horse to a rich family’s son, Will. Hannah’s father gave her the horse when she was four. He always kept that promise that she would get a horse. A few years later her mother and father died of smallpox. Hannah was forced to live with her aunt. Her aunt was the one who sent her to be a servant to the General. While she was there she found out she would be the General’s Niece’s chambermaid.
My book reminds me of the book Because of Winn-Dixie because of the problems both of the girls run into. My book also reminds me of the time I found a cat and I kept it with out my dad knowing. My favorite part of the book is when Hannah finds Gypsy, her kitty and loses him and goes through trouble to find him.



  1. I have never read that book. Have you read any other books by that author?
    -puppy paws

  2. @puppypaws I have not read any other book from this author but I plan to for the future