Thursday, February 2, 2017

Upside-Down Magic by Emily Jenkins

Upside-Down Magic by Emily Jenkins is a fun book to read. You'll enjoy it, especially if you like books about magical children. The world the author creates is full of kids who can disappear, or start fires with their minds, hover above the floor or even turn themselves into animals. Nory is the main character in the story and of course she has a problem. When she tries to turn herself into a kitten like all the normal kids, her magic turns upside-down. She becomes part cat, part beaver and loses almost all of Nory in the mix.

Although this story is definitely a fantasy, the kinds of problems Nory faces trying to fit in but feeling different are very realistic. Her family just wants her to be normal. Will she find a place where she can fit in? Read this great RICBA nominee and find out.

Mrs. Castro

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