Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Air Commando by Jack David

I thought the book Air Commando by Jack David was good because it tells about the different air forces with the definitions you would need to know about the air force. When I read the book I learned a lot from it because it tells you what planes they fly and what uniforms they wore.

I suggest the person that's about to read this review, read the book because I thought it was good. The reason why I liked the book is because I like planes a lot. I like them so much that I know their names. My favorite type of planes are jets and cargo planes because they have so much space, and the jets are fast and look fun to fly.

Reviewed by unicorn


  1. Hey i reviewed a book just like this one. I have read this book that you reviewed and I also like your review on thus book

  2. unicorn
    i really like your book report and you should do more.

    Unicorn Dog Man

  3. I like the review. How much did you like the book? It sounds like a good book.


  4. unicorn, You did a great report. I am interested in planes, too. Do you like military as well?

    Shadow 9.0