Monday, December 4, 2017

Big Nate on a Roll by Lincoln Peirce

Big Nate On a Roll is written by Lincoln Peirce. Nate and Arthur -are selling wallpaper and whoever sells the most will win a skateboard. Arthur gets ahead and Nate falls behind. Nate tries to distract Arthur.  Will it work? Nate tries really hard to catch up. Will he catch up or will Arthur win the skateboard?

I like this book because it is funny. The author puts a lot of detail in the story about Nate and how he tries to sell things. This book reminds me of Zinkoff from the book Loser, because when Nate rides his skateboard off the bridge, it's like when Zinkoff trips over his own feet, and falls down.

Review by pineapple

The book Big Nate On A Roll by Lincoln Peirce is about a kid named Nate. Nate got in trouble for nothing. The thing he got in trouble for was he was in charge of holding the ladder for this kid Arthur.  Arthur dripped paint in Nate's eyes. They both fell over. But Arthur fell on top of Nate and Nate got in trouble. Arthur did not get in trouble.

I connect with the book Big Nate because in the beginning he gets in trouble for nothing. This is just like me. I do nothing and I always get in trouble for nothing with my little brother. But after all of that, I really liked the book. Nate always gets in trouble, but he always makes it better with his plans.

Review by Phenoxy Destroyer  

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  1. These are great book reviews!!! I read this book too. Is it your favorite book? By the way you guys made great names!