Thursday, December 7, 2017

Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson

In Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson, Astrid and her best friend Nicole did everything together, until one summer Astrid’s mom took Astrid and Nicole to a roller derby game. Astrid fell in love with roller derby. That summer Astrid just assumed that she and Nicole would go to roller derby camp together, but she had to find out from her enemy, Rachel that Nicole signed up for dance camp instead. Astrid has a problem, Nicole’s mom was supposed to give Astrid a ride to roller derby camp all the way across town. Want to find out how Astrid finds a solution? I suggest you read the book. I related to this book because the same thing that happened to Astrid has happened to me many times. Well, besides the, “couldn’t find a ride part”. Astrid lost a friend and gained an enemy. I have many best friends and I wouldn't say I have any enemies. I hope you really enjoy the book. Reviewed by, Soccergirl1303101

Today I will be telling you about Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson. It is based on roller skating and it is a Newbery honor award book. I like this book because I like roller skating. The problem in the book is the main character can’t get a ride to roller derby. Will she get a ride? Read the book to find out.

Review by Lovelobster101

In Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson, Astrid is Roller Girl. One day she went to a roller derby game with her friend Nicole. Astrid loved the way it looked. After the game was over Astrid saw a paper that said Roller Derby Camp. Astrid wanted to join and her mom said it was okay, but Nicole wanted to go to dance camp. So Astrid started going to Roller Derby camp and Nicole did not. Astrid's mom thought that Nicole's mom was giving her a ride to camp, but she was not. Also Astrid is not good at roller derby. Will she give up? Will she walk to practice? You will have to read the book to find out.

    This book relates to my life. In the book, Astrid feels like her bff doesn't like her. Also, she loves a sport but she is not good at it. In my life I feel like my friend does not like me as much as she used to. Also, I feel like I am not good at the sport I play.  In the story Astrid gets new friends and I am making new friends too. Astrid and I have a lot in common.

Review by HopeGrace


  1. Roller Girl sounds like a good book. I love rollerblading. Not many people do it anymore, but I still do every summer. Isn't this a graphic novel?


  2. I love the book Roller Girl. I go roller skating, rollerblading, and ice skating with my dad all the time. Do you ever go rollerblading?


  3. this book sounds really good. I saw it so many times Im starting to think about reading it

  4. i know how to roller skate but i did not read the book is it good

  5. Hope Grace,
    This sounds like it is a good book! I have never read this book. Should I read it?

    Girly Girl 10

  6. this book is very intresting, funny and sad thanks for sharing it.