Monday, December 18, 2017

The Detention Club by David Yoo

In The Detention Club by David Yoo, Peter and his friend Drew try to get popular.  They have many failed attempts and his sister always mocks him.  Peter’s sister Sunny is like the queen of the school. She is also very smart.  They have a very bad relationship and when they take T.A.G class together, Peter thought of a great invention.  Everyone was expecting Sunny to win like always, but what you find out next is shocking.  When Peter finds out there is a school thief on the loose he takes advantage to try to get popular again.  Once you find out who the school thief is, you will be flabbergasted.  Who do you think the thief is?  Will Peter’s plan work?  Do you think Peter and Drew are going to get popular?

I love how the author made this book a very funny book.  I may not love reading but this was a very great book and made me want to read more.  It was very funny and very suspenseful.  This book is full of joy, excitement, and anger.  This book can also be relatable to people like me. I am a great collector and I love to show people my findings.  This book is great book and I recommend you read it.       

Review by #ManCityAreUndeafeated

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