Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Old Willis House by Mary Downing Hahn

In The Old Willis House by Mary Downing Hahn, Diana and Georgie have been living at the Old Willis Place for what feels like forever. There have been many people who watch over the land, but none like this caretaker. This one is different, he has a young daughter. Diana wants to meet her but Georgie tries to stop her because he’s afraid.  Will Diana defy her brother, and befriend the girl or will she also be too scared to break the rules? Find out in this spine-chilling story.

I enjoyed this story because it is full of suspense. Every time you read it leaves you wanting to read more. I enjoy that it is the perfect mixture of scary and interesting. Diana is around the same age as me so I like to see the similarities and differences. Don't rely on me to tell you, go read it yourself!

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  1. This scary story gave me goosebumps because of how scary this book was so scary.This makes me want read it.

    Ron 91

    1. Yes this book was very scary! Do you think you are going to read it?