Thursday, December 7, 2017

Wish by Barbara O’Connor

The story, Wish by Barbara O’Connor, was about a girl named Charlie Reese, who has been wishing the same wish everyday ever since 4th grade. She always wishes the same wish, but doubts that it will ever come true. Will it?

I love the book because it is about a girl that has the same wish every day, but doesn’t think it will ever come true. I always make wishes, but sometimes they don’t come true. That is why I like this book, because it is very interesting! Also this book is one of the RICBA Nominees for 2017.
Review by WishGirl  


  1. Wish Girl really nice job on you but I have not read it but sounds good what is the wish?

  2. this sounds like a good book. do you think that on a rating from 1-10 what would you rate it.


  3. would you rate it a 10 or not

  4. Hi! My friend said this is a good book.I think i'll read it next week in library. What did charlie reese wish for?

  5. i think that is a great book review i might read it


  6. To: WishGirl
    I really enjoy your description I have actually read this book with one of my friends and we love it. Do any of the characters resemble you?
    From: Potato Lover

  7. i think that this is a great review i'm looking forward to reading this book because it seems really really cool.


  8. this book sound very good i might read it good job


  9. WishGirl,
    Great book!!!! Me and my friend read it and we loved it!! What is your favorite part? Mine is when she finds the dog.

    Girly Girl 10