Thursday, December 20, 2018

Something Upstairs by Avi

Something Upstairs by Avi is about a new kid, Kenny, who moves in to the neighborhood and he has the scariest house on the block. In the attic there is something upstairs and it sent him to the past to see what slavery was like back then and to learn what happened to the person in the attic. In the story Kenny has to kill a slavery owner to get back to the present time. He is scared he will get caught and killed.  Will Kenny kill the slavery owner or will he be stuck in the past?

I personally think that the story was one of my favorites. It was one of my favorites because it was interesting and it had a little scare to it in a few parts, but not scary enough to give you nightmares. It is my favorite type of book, a mystery! In some chapters the ending was a cliffhanger to make you want to read more! This trick really worked on me. Do you think this trick would work on you? 

Review by Cupcakequeen44


  1. i like how you told that the story was not scary, I also think the cliffhanger trick would work on me to, Do you enjoy scary books
    by: Potato_Girl

  2. Potato_Girl yes I do like scary books. Thanks for asking!