Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Because Of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea

Because Of Mr. Terupt was written by Rob Buyea, who also wrote the story Mr. Terupt Falls Again. This is the first of Rob Buyea’s books. I would suggest this book for anyone who enjoys a happy ending. This book starts with the kids hating the fact that they have to get a new 5th grade teacher. But then they start to realize that Mr. Terupt isn't such a bad teacher after all. When tragedy hits it leaves the kids worried, but I don’t want to give away too much.  Will Mr. Terupt survive?  You will have to wait and see J J

Reviewed by bowties305

Bowties305 did a great job with their post on this book.  I just finished Because of Mr. Terupt and it really is a very good book.  I like how the story is told from the characters' different points of view.  This story would make a great read aloud for teachers who want to start a discussion on classroom bullying. 

Reviewed by Mrs. Castro

Did Mr.Terupt change the whole fifth grade class?  Read,  Because of Mr.Terupt, by Rob Buyea to see how sad the kids were.  But don’t blame Peter, he meant to hit Luke when he threw the snowball.  As you begin to read, you find out Mr.Terupt  did a lot of wrestling while growing up and in college.  He gave these up because he suffered several concussions.   To see if Mr.Terupt survives, read this book.  Just because he is a new teacher, doesn't mean he’s a bad one.  You should give people chances.

Reviewed by  I’mAnonymous


  1. I really like this book, and I think you did very good on this review! My teacher read that as a read aloud and it is very good! Do you know any other books by him?

  2. Great job I'm Anonymous