Monday, November 25, 2013

Bone the Great Cow Race by Jeff Smith

In the graphic novel Bone the Great Cow Race by Jeff Smith, Phoney Bone and Thorn go to the spring fair.  That’s when we find out Fone Bone has feelings for Thorn.  Phoney Bone try’s to get everyone to vote for the mystery cow at the fair and the mystery cow is slow because it is really Smiley in a suit.  Smiley is a worker for Phoney Bone.  Grandma Ben has won every cow race, then one person bets on Grandma Ben and the bet is huge, so now Phoney Bone wants Smiley to win so Phoney can win.  So who do you think will win? Read this humorous book to find out!

Reviewed by LucKy_PANDAH


  1. i cant wait to read it


  2. Cool beans baseballboy16:)

  3. I love this book and your reveiw was very good.