Friday, November 22, 2013

Cowboy by Nate Crosby

It’s a graphic novel!  Cowboy is written and illustrated by Nate Crosby. The book is about a boy who is trying to save horses.  He is in a desert with a weapon that looks like a toy horse that is a gun. He is saving horses from people who are torturing them. He is a very hard working boy that cares about them and he is an undercover cop.  I think the book is trying to get people to help animals when they are in danger. I like how the boy helped horses and I like graphic novels because they have great pictures.  Hope you like it to!

Reviewed by football King #103


  1. my favorite character is the little cowboy


  2. I will definitely read this book! I absolutely love graphic novels! What is your favorite book?

  3. your review is epic, it is very solid and made me want this book it is on hold for me right now. Have you read any other graphic novels lateley?


    1. I have read 1. It is called sidekick. I loved it !

      football king #103