Monday, November 25, 2013

Liar,Liar by Gary Paulson

Liar,Liar by Gary Paulson is the first of a series.  The book is about Kevin and he is a liar. The story is told from his view, Kevin thinks lying is what makes the world go round and that lying is okay.  Little does he know, he’s in for a big surprise!  To me this book is great and it’s full of humor and it is realistic fiction.  I recommend this book to people who have a great sense of humor.  Trust me you are probably going to laugh a lot!

Reviewed by Sillybilly168    


  1. i want to read this book by reading your review

    1. thank you i work really hard on this and i bet its going to be funny to you


  2. Your review makes me want to read " Lair, lair", again! I have already read this book. What was your favorite part!


  3. By what your review said i really am into this book even when i havent read it! I have heard that Gary Paulson is a great story writer. Have you read anything else by him??