Monday, November 25, 2013

Swindle by Gordon Korman

Swindle is written by Gordon Korman who made a series of Swindle books including Zoobreak, Framed, Showoff, and Hideout.  Griffin Bing is very lucky. He always has a plan. He is the man with the plan. What if his luck is coming to an end? He is about to move away from his friends, until Ben and Griffin go to a sleepover at a creepy house and find a rare Babe Ruth baseball card. But when they go to S. Wendell to trade it in for money, they get swindled.  Now they will make a team to try to get it back. But there is one problem, a guard dog named Luthor who is very scary. Will the man with a plan move away? Will they get it back? I think this a great book for people who like mystery. They work as a team with muscle, a dog whisperer, an actor, a computer geek, a rock wall climber, a side kid and the man with a plan.       

Reviewed by Junior2711

The main characters in the story, Swindle by Gordon Korman, are Griffin Bing, Ben the dog, Dad, and coach Nimiz.  I like the dog because I’m a HUGE DOG LOVER.  But they don’t know that Ben the dog talks.  At times he acts like a normal dog, but he talks to himself in his head.  One of the main things that happened is when Griffin had a million dollar baseball card, but somehow someone stole the million dollar baseball card.  The author’s message is to inform you about things in particular, like the main thing that had happen in this story.  This book gives you an exciting feeling because you get into reading it and you want to read it more and more.  My connection to this book is that I love dogs and that is pretty much why I chose this book.  Would I recommend this book? “Yes.”

Reviewed by basketballlover23


  1. I love this book. I've read it like a hundred times. Is there any other books like this one?


    1. Thank you puppygirl353. I like your review too. I think you should read Zoobreak because it is the second book of swindle.

  2. I read that book, too and it's a good book, too. I watched the movie on Nick.
    Nice review.


  3. well i think you review on this book was really good. I've never read this book but from what you said it is probably really good. I've actully read a book that was kinda lie this.The book was Bell Bandit. Have you ever read that book it's really good you should read it.