Monday, November 25, 2013

The Janitors Boy by Andrew Clements

The Janitor's Boy, by Andrew Clements, is a realistic fiction book about a boy named Jack.  Jack's dad is a night janitor at Jack’s school.  Jack gets embarrassed by his dad.  Then he get’s an idea.  He chews gum all through the school day. When 7th period comes along, he sticks all of his chewed gum under a desk in the music room.  He did that so his dad would have to clean it up.  Jack gets in trouble.  What will his punishment be?  How will things work out between Jack and his dad?  Find out how their relationship will be by the end of the story.  I would recommend this if you like realistic fiction.  It’s a quick and easy read and a very unique story everyone should try! 

Reviewed by 8infinity8


  1. i read this book already and i like it was great also go review


  2. You wrote a really good review. I would to that to my dad if he was janitor!! What would you do?


  3. It seems like a good book. The son sounds like he is a trouble maker like a lot of people now. On a rate from 1-10 about how good is it?


  4. good was great.i read a lot of his books.