Thursday, December 5, 2013

Amulet: Prince of the Elves by Kuzu Kibuishi

You should read the graphic novel Amulet: Prince of the Elves by Kuzu Kibuishi, because this book will blow your mind.  And if you like action books, this book is for you.  The main characters are Emily, Max, the council and her brother and sister.  The author is Kazu Kibuishi .  You should read this book if you want to know if Emily beats Max at war.  
Reviewed by shadow360

The book I’m reviewing is Amulet Book 5: Prince of the Elves by Kazu Kibuishi. It’s a graphic novel. The main characters are Emily, Trellis, and Max Griffin. I don’t like Max because he’s a bad guy. The main problem in the story is that Emily, Navin, Trellis, Cogsley, and the others fight Chronos, the mountain giant, and Max. Also Trellis and Emily go back in time. This book has an exciting but kind of scary mood to it.  If I had to pick which Amulet I like the best in order it would be the 5th, 4th, 1st, 3rd, 2nd.  I would definitely recommend this book to people who like adventure, and graphic novels.
Reviewed by: BMX_Shoes_8 

I love this book.  It has lots of action.  It’s about this girl, named Emily, who has to face an army of dark elves to save the world.  A few of the elves, including a prince elf, have changed sides to help Emily.  Emily also has a curse or a blessing of the stone.  Emily is a stonekeeper and one of the last. So if you like fantasy and magical wars with good versus evil, this is the book for you. 

Reviewed by HockeySwagg100


  1. showdo360, I'm glad you are enjoying the Amulet series. I have a lot of students who love graphic novels. In this book, who was your favorite character and why did you like them best?

  2. I put this book on hold so I could read it. I hope it's a good book. I've read book 2 and 3.

    chunky monkey 101