Thursday, December 5, 2013

Judy Moody gets famous by Megan McDonald

Judy Moody gets famous is by Megan McDonald.  The main characters are Judy, Jessica, Frank, and Stink. The main idea is Judy wants to become famous. It takes place in school and out of school. The book is excellent because you don’t know if she becomes famous. Did she become famous? I would like to be famous. Would you like to be famous? I would recommend this book because it’s interesting.  If you like what I wrote then read the book to find out what happens!

Reviewed by littledog2008


  1. I love you expend that book .My sister loves those books and I like lisening to her read them.What is your favorite one.

    doggy 123

  2. Good review. I read the book. My favorite character is Judy Moody. What is your favorite character?


  3. I like the book it's real funny. who is your favorite character Judy, Stink.

  4. Good review really like how you expressed it.I've only read one book in the Judy moody books.Who is your favorite character?