Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Army Delta Force by Carlos Alvarez

The book, Army Delta Force by Carlos Alvarez, tells you about the guns they use in the army. It also explains where the soldiers are most commonly deployed, and what kind of missions they go on. Sometimes it also tells you what equipment they use and how they use it.     

I like this book because it gives you fun information and it is also interesting to know what kind of weapons, and equipment  the army uses. I also think anyone who likes or wants to go into the military will enjoy this book and the other books that are just like it, such as Night Stalkers, Marine Expeditionary Units, and Army Rangers.

Reviewed by: Turtle Man 123


  1. Nice job on your review. I always have to have army books in the library, because there are some kids that take them out every week. Have you read any others that you like, or do you know another series of this type that I should buy.

    Mrs. Castro

    1. I have read other books like this one there call army rangers night stalkers and air comanndos and i do not know of any other series sorry
      turtle man 123