Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King

In the Kingdom of Delain Peter is soon to become king with his father soon to be dead and Peter as the eldest child, or will his destiny be ruined by the castle magician who will do anything to make the younger son Thomas king? Will the magician even frame someone for murder? Read The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King to find out.
My thoughts on the book are that the book has a very well written plot and that the book itself is well written. My favorite character in the book is Peter mostly because he is so smart and daring at the same time. Then another reason why I like this book is because it has a lot of funny moments. One funny moment that I liked was when Peter beat up the prison guard with ease.
My connection with the book is my relationship with my younger brother. Mostly because me and my little brother are really close as brothers. Another connection with the book is I remember climbing up and down a rope for the first time, because in the book Peter tries to escape prison on a rope.

Review by thatLONELYkid


  1. I loved your review and how it made me want to find out what happens next! This book reminded me of a movie that I once watched with my grandma when I was little. Why did you decide to read this?