Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner

The Boxcar Children is a mystery book about four orphan children.  They are all alone with no home and no one to rely on, and nowhere to go except to their grandfather.  They have never met him and they think he will not like them. The children think he will not like them because before their parents died their grandfather did not like their mother. The children, Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny all cherish and immensely care about each other.  Since they have nowhere to go, they find a nearby bakery to sleep at overnight.  After the rest of the children fall asleep, Jessie and Benny overhear the baker talking to the baker’s wife. They are discussing taking away Benny and sending him to a children’s home and making Henry, Jessie, and Violet work at the bakery.  The children will never leave one another behind.  The children get a tiny bit of sleep and then run away overnight, so they will all be together and no one will be separated and nothing will come between their extremely close family.  How will they stay safe, healthy, and find any shelter?  If you would like to find out how they can accomplish these huge goals all alone, you should definitely read this book!  Also this book took place in the United States past when people rode horse and buggy or train, so by reading this you might also find out some awesome things about the olden days!

This review was written by: Jdrewbiebs        


  1. heyy we read this awesome book in the 4th. grade!!! i love this

    ~ bubbles 123~

  2. I like this book their are a lot of different books of this my second favorite is the mysterey of the hauted boxcar the first one is the best. Have you ever read the mysterey of the hauted boxcar

  3. ello thats right we did read it in fourth grade it was awesome you did a great job!!


  4. I loved reading this is 3rd grade.I am not a fan of the boxcar children series.This is one of the two books I like.I love to imagine living in a boxcar with my sister and two brothers.(I have only one rother.Lucky Violet.)Have you read any other Boxcar Children books?


  5. The Boxcar Children is a great book.There is a big series.My second favorite is The Mysterey of the Haunted Boxcar.The first one is the best.Did you ever read The Mysterey of the Haunted Boxcar. Ecto1