Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ghosts of Mercy Manor by Betty Ren Wright

If you are looking for a book that is mysterious, scary, and exciting, Ghosts of Mercy Manor by Betty Ren Wright is the right book for you.  Gwen lives in a foster home.  She is being moved from home to home, and has no permanent home.   But one day she gets moved to the Mercy family and she is sure she will not like them.   Just when she starts to like the family, something happens.   I can’t tell you what, because if you want to know, read the book :p  No one believes her and she is forced to leave.   This book reminds me of two books, one called Gilly Hopkins and the other, Deep, dark and dangerous, because there is an orphan that’s trying to tell a story and no one believes her.  I love ghost books!  One of the main reasons I would read this book is it’s thrilling to read.  If you like to get scared and be chilled, this is a perfect match for you. 
Reviewed  by: Gymnastics101 


  1. You did a great review of this book. I too like books about ghosts. Have you ever thought you saw or were contacted by a real ghost?

    Mrs. C.

  2. thank you, well a year ago i was sleeeping over my friends house and it was dark out outside it was really late and i saw the bushes move but there was no wind and when i went to check there was no one there but then i heard a voice and a light flashed at me so there is a possibility but i dont really believe in ghost , after that i whent inside becuase i was scared allso be cuase i ha d a bad feeling that something was gonna happen. - gymnastic101's reply to mrs.C

  3. I really like the review you put it in words that would really make people wanna read it. I have read the book only once and i liked it. what is your favroite part of the book?

  4. my favorite part of the book was when Gwen's adopted mother found out there was actully ghosts the parents freaked out it was so funny how they discribed it. who was your favorite character? - gymnastics101