Thursday, January 10, 2019

Floods by Lorraine Hopping

In the beginning of Floods by Lorraine Hopping there is a flood that happens because a lot of ice got stuck at a bridge and clogged up the river. The water started to overflow into town. Then the rescue team had to help people get out of water to high ground. They tried to break the ice with a big machine and when they did, all the water went back into the river. There are examples in the book about other floods that happen.

I like this book a lot because it is fun to read and I learned a lot of stuff in this book. You should read this book because you can learn about floods too. I hope you read this book.

Review by fortnite cool dude47


  1. this book seems interesting i might read it.I'm glad I live somewhere were we don't have floods.Have you ever been in a flood?~makk

  2. great job explaining it dude!!!! i think its amazing fortnite cool dude47