Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Ten True Tales: Poice Heroes by Allan Zullo

Ten True Tales: Poice Heroes by Allan Zullo is sad and happy. It is a nonfiction book and it feels like you’re with the police for a day. The book covers problems, going from one thing to the next. In one chapter there is a traffic stop that is not working right. The book tells what police do  when they are trying to keep kids safe.

I like the book because I like cops. It’s like you are with a lot of cops. This books reminds me of fast paced hockey.

Review by Squirrel Police


  1. Its a quick debrief of what the story is about. It explains how its like your actually there watching the police and learning how they work to keep people safe. How they explain the bookn it makes me want to read it.

    1. I know its a good book
      squirrel police

    2. i know thats why i did it
      Squirrel Police