Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Terrible Two by Mac Barnett

Terrible Two by Mac Barnett  is about a boy named Miles. In his old school, he was known as a pranking legend. Now that he’s moving to boring Yawnee Valley, he hopes to be his new school’s prankster there. But there’s already a prankster, and he’s REALLY good.

I can really relate to Miles in this book. I LOVE to prank my sister, and…. I sometimes get pranked myself. I hope you will like the book.

Review by Wakanda4ever


  1. This book looks fun to read! I love books like that and will consider reading it. -Chairperson

  2. I liked the book because the good kid is the bad kid.

  3. I really like how you compare Miles and yourself and how you both prank each other.

  4. sounds like a good book might think about getting it now good job is this your

  5. I love this book too good job wakanda4ever how long did it take to read the book?